School’s brekky club a real winner


CERDON College students are ready to ditch doughnuts washed down with sugary drinks and fuel up on breakfast generally not sold at a servo.

“They’re often stopping by at convenience stores and service stations and eating junk food before school,” PDHPE teacher Ryan Zammit said.

The Merrylands high school is organising a menu of fruit, cereals and smoothies for its breakfast project as part of the $5000 grant secured under Cumberland Council’s Healthy Kids program. Mr Zammit said hospitality students would initially serve breakfast and were “trying to create an option that’s sustainable for the school” such as a mobile cart serving smoothies.

Guildford West and Granville public schools, and Auburn Girls’ High School, were also awarded funds after pitching their ideas to make students healthier. Ideas included improving school kitchens and building larger veggie patches.

Auburn Girls will also use its funds for a breakfast club program.