Religious Education

“There is only Christ: he is everything and he is in everything”. Colossians 3:11

Cerdon College is a Catholic community, with Christ as its centre and Mary as its model. The College promotes its Catholic faith through embedding Gospel values in all its actions. The Catholic ethos and the Marist tradition are promoted in the College, both in the building of a supportive environment and in developing curriculum. Our Marist heritage is integrated into all aspects of College life. Jeanne Marie Chavoin, founder of the Marist Sisters, is the College Patron and the College Houses have other significant Marists as House Patrons. We celebrate our Marist heritage throughout each year and in particular, on ‘Chavoin Day’, our foundation day.

Religious Education at Cerdon College is a comprehensive, multi-faceted process involving much more than the activities of the formal Religious Education classroom. The understanding of Religious Education identifies six interdependent elements of Religious Education in the Catholic Secondary school:

  • the classroom Religious Education program
  • integration of Catholic values across the curriculum
  • the liturgical and prayer life of the school
  • opportunities for retreats and reflection days
  • community service programs and voluntary groups
  • interaction of home, parish and school. 

Teachers of classroom Religious Education have a privileged role, and all teachers contribute to the religious dimension of the whole life of the College. The essential partnership between home, parish and school is maintained through the College’s welcome, encouragement and invitation to parents, priests and other members of the community, to become involved.